Kenshi Inagaki Main Story review.

Kenshi Inagaki

Kenshi Inagaki is sweet, friendly and caring. In his everyday life (when he’s not involved with the Black Foxes) he works as a firefighter and frequently visits and donates money for an orphanage.

Kenshi Inagaki Main Story

[Spoilers ahead]

Because Atsumu messed up the MC’s job, she has to work as a waitress at the Inagaki’s restaurant. Apparently, Kenshi has a really big house and he invites the MC to live with him, because they need to keep an eye on her.

He lives with his family and apparently his mother is ok with him bringing strangers to live with in their house:)) Oh well!

She is bullied by the other waitresses because of they al have a crush on Kenshi, but the MC can stand up for herself.

He always protects the MC: when Riki asks her to lure a rich guy, get him drunk, in order for them to steal a painting, he asks them to review the plan and involve the MC only if this is absolutely necessary.

The MC decides to help them because Kenshi made a good impression on her.

He frindzones the MC and I find this cute and funny, because my impression is that she is slightly disappointed 😀

Kenshi Inagaki

Kenshi Inagaki

Even the guys notice how friend zoned is the MC:))

Kenshi Inagaki

They gradually open up to each other and them falling in love seems very natural and realistic. He respects and protects her.

The road from pure friendship to love is paved with cute moments, Kenshi being very protective with the MC.

Personal thoughts:

I really enjoyed the way he shows respect towards the MC and how they gradually fall for each other. This is very a cute story, even though I normally pick the tsundere Voltage guys. Kenshi is in my top 5 now! ^_^

He is so sweet and loving towards the MC, it made my heart melts. Of course, there’s some drama involved as well. The plot was very entertaining, I love the story!

Can’t wait to play the sequel!!! Enjoy! ^_^

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