Chikage is the lead of the tengu clan.

Chikage. Enchanted in the Moonlight

Chikage is the head of the tengu clan, he seems cold and insults the MC often, but he really loves the MC and he opens up a lot towards her during  the sequel.

Spoilers ahead !!!

Chikage. Enchanted in the Moonlight

I enjoyed his sequel because he seems to care more and more about the MC and there are sweet moments, action and hot moments as well.Chikage  SequelChikage  SequelChikage  SequelChikage  SequelChikage  SequelChikage  Sequel

I really liked Chikage’s main story and I definitely enjoyed this one as well. The cute tengu Koten appears in the sequel as well. (So cute!!! ♥♥♥)

The MC goes to the mononoke village with him, and a pleasant-looking akayashi female appears. She knows Chikage since they were kids, which means knows him better, thing that makes the MC feel kind of jealous. After visiting the village,  the MC seems to have lost her powers and the elders from the tengu clan are putting pressure on Chikage to marry another woman.As the head of the clan he must put his people first. He does not agree, because he really wants to be with the MC and does not care about her powers anymore (awwwww!!! <3).

Again, there is a hidden enemy who attacks the MC, but this time, it tries to get rid of her, instead of wanting her powers.

After visiting the mononoke village again, Chigake tries to persuade the elders and asks the MC to trust him, yet she finds him with another woman. Dayuum, I love the drama! 🙂

There are several touching moments and it was really nice seeing how their relationship grew stronger.

Of course Chikage is his usual self (a bit of a jerk, sometimes), but he’s serious about the MC.

Even though he has some issues in showing how much he cares, you can see how much he changed because of the MC (even the woman he has to marry after the MC lost her powers )

Chikage. Enchanted in the Moonlight

Chikage. Enchanted in the Moonlight

Chikage. Enchanted in the Moonlight

My personal thoughts

I really like this route, not sure if it is because I like Chikage or because I like the drama. :))

If you want to see a more sweet and caring side of him, you should really try this story.

Miyabi’s sequel was more dramatic than this one, but I like them both (especially because there’s another woman who wants Chikage ^_^).


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