My Last First Kiss Ichiya Misono Main Story Review My Last First Kiss Ichiya Misono Main Story Review

Ichiya Misono

Ichiya’s route is the first one I tried from MLFK, and actually, I got really excited from reading the prologue so I can’t wait to try the other routes! The plot is appealing as well – the story involves a guy who rejected the MC several times, and since I love the drama, this makes it more exciting 😀

Ichiya Misono


Ichiya is the young CEO of his own company, AIR. The MC and he are childhood friends. Even though they used to hang out with the same people, the MC and him were never really close.

Actually, the MC was afraid of him. He is very cold and cruel, yet talented and dedicated to his work. The MC considers him ill-tempered, overbearing. Even when he smiles you know that there’s evil lurking behind it”. He’s mean and cruel towards the MC calling her names like “virgin  maid” and “stupid”.

The route starts with Ichya asking the MC to be his woman and to forget about Hiro. The MC cannot even picture this and refuses him, because they never got along.

For the 100th anniversary commemorative project, Kokonoka decides to partner with another company. The MC is in charge of the cafe project ,a place where customers can try Kokonoka’s new products. Aaaand guess what, the partner is Ichiya’ company. (shocker!:) )

Of course, the MC is not excited at all, she is actually depressed because she has to be around him.

During a meeting, she panics while making her design proposal, but Ichiya backs her up (Awww, he’s actually sweet). But guess what, as a repayment he wants the MC to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to make Ryoko stop chasing him. He know she only wants him for his status and he also explains that he dated her because they were suitable for each other.

During the story we find out that she actually dated Riku (one of the other childhood friends), but only for a short while, when she was a freshman.

Falling for Ichiya

So, while they pretend to be dating he openes up to the MC and there are many cute moments. Of course, we also have “I could never date a cold-hearted bastard like this” moments.

Ichiya Misono

Ichiya Misono

Ichiya Misono

But every time I think he’s a total jerk, he does something super sweet for the MC and makes my heart melt. As expected, his cold behaviour is influenced by his past.

The MC understands that Ichiya was really lonely, even as a child. Without realizing, she starts developing feelings for him

Ichiya Misono

Ichiya Misono

Towards the end of their collaboration, the project they are working on receives a blow – the ex-vice-president of AIR betraid Ichiya and stole his idea and sold it to a competitor. This brings down Ichiya, but the MC is there for him and they fight together. This brings closer the MC and Ichiya.

There’s a lot of development during Ichiya’s route for both of them. The MC grows a lot as a professional and Ichiya finally opens up towards the MC and his childhood friends. Also he becomes closer to his employees, who feared him greatly before.

In the end they both confess after the big success of their cafe (they still tease eachother a lot) and the ending (I got the Happy ending) is really sweet – it’s not very physical, but shows the development of their relationship and how both grew during the last events. Ichiya informs the guys that the MC is finally his and they both go on the rooftop and they kiss, tease each other and share some cute moments.

My Personal Thoughts

I love Ichiya’s route! There’s drama involved, wth the MC confessing to Hiro twice and being rejected and with Ichiya’s ex messing with them and not giving up.

One thing that I didn’t like was that the MC is 24 and never had a boyfriend…she wasn’t even kissed?! really? :)) Then, I found out that she dated Riku. Did they kiss? Oh well…

This route was refreshing because from the beginning the MC disliked Ichiya, she even stated that she hates him, The MC falls for him without realizing it, which brings the story closer to reality, The same goes  for Ichiya, Also, it was funny, the way they were teasing eachother 😀

The plot was really exciting and didn’t bore me at all! I couldn’ t wait to finish work and continue the game! ^_^

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