Seiichirou Hayami is the acting CEO and in charge of the Marriage Program.

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

Seiichirou Hayami is the acting CEO of the SANO Company. He will keep the position until the MC will get married to one of the participants of the Marriage Program. He is the one who created the program and in his route you can find out why he did it.

Seiichirou is workaholic and he puts his duty above everything else. The other executives and his colleagues came up with the nickname “cyborg”, because he does  everything perfectly by himself.


Three months pass and the MC does not make any decision yet regarding her future husband and the future CEO. She feels the pressure coming from the special executives and from Seiichirou Hayami.

Because of the pressure coming from the special executives, the MC moves to Hayami’s place. In return, she has to go on dates with all the guys.

Seiichirou Haiamy was very close to the MC’s grandfather, and they both watched over the MC during the years. Hayami was the one who bought the birthday gifts for the MC for the last 10 years.

Seiichirou gradually opens up tp the MC and she finds out the reasons behind his “cyborg” behavior.

Even though he acts cold towards the MC, on her birthday  he organises a party for her with the special executives, knowing that her girlfriends cancelled the get-together,

She keeps her promise and goes out on dates with all the guys, but she doesn’t feel any romantic vibes.

The MC falling for Seiichirou

Seiichirou tells the MC that in order for a romantic mood to be on, she needs to be more feminine and he asks her to practice on him.

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

     And of course he can be a meanie towards the MC 🙂

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

Therefore, they go out on a date, and, despite the fact that Seiichirou calls it “practice”, it feels very real for the MC.

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

The MC realizes she is in love with him after they get stuck in the elevator(I love the elevator scene! ♥ ).

He seem to know about her feelings, but a new drama appears as he pushed her away (I won’t spoil it^^).


During a meeting with the stakeholders where the main subject is the future CEO, Seiichirou is pressured and held responsible because the company doesn’t have a CEO yet.

Everyone knows the MC is the grand-daughter of the late CEO and that she is an employee of the company. In order to protect the MC, he is ready to risk his job and doesn’t reveal the truth.

Seiichirou My Wedding and 7 Rings

The MC reveals it herself and Seiiichirou informs them all that he will marry the MC and become the next CEO.

I got the happy ending (there’s also the super happy ending). The MC, the executives and Sei are gathered at Oasis, having drinks and making fun of Seiichirou, because he’s drunk(he doesn’t drink very often). He’s teasing the MC and quickly falls asleep on her shoulder.

There are also secret stories available 🙂

My personal thoughts

I was soooo excited about this route coming out, I purchased it immediately! I really like Seiichirou, he’s the hottest among the guys.

This route is more exciting than Asahi’s. I also played Kai’s route, but I liked it as well. I’m kind of disappointed  because I didn’t get the Super Happy Ending, but oh well, I guess I have to play it again ^_^.

I liked Seiichirou because he’s  cool and really hot, and even though he acts cold towards the Mc, he really cares for her (he’s been watching her for years) and treats her with respect – he’s such a gentleman ♥.

There also are some really cute and touching moments, (they got me like: “Awwww!!!” “Kyaaaaaa!”) and the there’s also drama, just my type of drama <3 (I soooo love the drama <3 )

Also because he cares about the MC, he created the marriage program, in order for her to find love and live a happy marriage (Awww, Sei! ♥)

I think that Voltage could have done so much better when describing how he broke the rules and decided to marry the MC, even though he was not a candidate – I’m still not sure why he wasn’t one though.

Also, since they are a couple and all, why does she still calls him “Mr. Hayami”. Wtf?!

Anyways, I love Sei’s character so I can’t wait for the sequel! ♥

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