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 Irresistible Mistakes Toma Kiriya Season 1 Main Story Heartfelt Ending

Toma Kiriya’s Main Story has two endings available, the Provocative Ending and the Heartfelt Ending. If both are cleared, you get a voiced movie “A kiss at night”.

 Heartfelt Ending

Story 1

A: Say an energetic: “Good morning!”
A: “I don’t care”

Story 2 

B: “We’ve got this!”
B: add “It’s a compliment”

Story 3

A. Not bad
B: Most definitely

Story 4

A: “Secretly earnest”
B: “I’ll draw on napkins”

Story 5

C: “It’s not like I wanted this”
C: If you’ll give up the nickname

Story 6

C. “Commercial Nut”
A. “Was I drooling?”

Story 7

C. “You mean YOU like that, right?”
A: “Why are you mad?”

Story 8

A. “Who, exactly?”
A. “Maybe”

Story 9

C. “Tyrants like you don’t come around often.”

C. “You’re not serious.”

Story 10

C: “If two people like each other , anything”
C: Tell him to go

Story 11

A: “I don’t think I am his type”
A: “Because you’re my partner”

Story 12

B: “Because you’re my partner”
B: “The agency needs you!”

Toma  Kiriya  Toma  Kiriya  Toma  Kiriya

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