Taking a long-haul flight for your next holiday? Here are some tips to prepare for it and to make it more bearable.

International Flight

  • Keep your body hydrated! Not only your skin suffers when you fly, but your body as well. The aircraft filtration system makes the air clean, but also drops the humidity with about 20%. You will not feel severely dehydrated, but your eyes, nose, throat and skin will not feel comfortable. Therefore, drink plenty of water! It would be ideal to hydrate yourself before, during and after the flight.

  • Always have a spare pair of socks! When travelling for many hours, wearing shoes feels very uncomfortable. Also, the pressure makes your ankles and feet swollen, therefore you might feel the need to take off the shoes. Even if you don’t feel like removing thrm, staying with your shoes on for so many hours… Damn, it will get nasty down there! 🙂 Not all the airlines provide slippers during the flight, so you might want to use thicker socks.


  • Have some wet wipes in your handbag! I’m the type that sweats more than the average people, so, the baby wipes helped a lot. I even used them for removing my makeup during the flight. Also, some deodorant stick travel size will help a lot! It might not seem important, but when you fly for more than 10 hours without showering, trust me, anything that can make you feel clean means Heaven!

International Flight

  • Apply some moisturizer on your face. Flying for many hours will make your skin super dry! I discovered this recently, on my 3rd flight to Asia. Apply some face cream/ moisturizer after cleaning your face with the wet wipes/ a travel size cleanser and trust me, your skin will thank you. Avoid alcohol-base moisturizers – the skin does not need to feel even more dehydrated!


  • Apply a face mask sheet. This might seem a bit too much for some of you. It’s not mandatory, but your skin will feel and look great! If you are not comfortable because of the people around you, you can simply apply it while everyone sleeps. If you don’t want to be seen in public without makeup (like me), you can reapply it before the other passengers wake up 🙂


  • Make sure your phone has fully charged or you have an external battery charger. Not all airlines supply in-seat power outlets. My last flight to South Korea was with KLM. I was surprised to find that the power outlets are available only for the business class. LOT and Aeroflot have in-seat USB ports. The charging is slower, but manageable.

  • Don’t forget to have a thick scarf or a jacket/sweater with you. Even if you fly during summer, the temperature in the airplane can be quite low. The airlines do provide a thin blanket, but it might not be enough. I kind of dislike cold and I am quite sensitive to AC, therefore, I always carry around scarf and a hoodie when flying.


  • Sleeping masks. I absolutely adore them! They are known for helping you sleep better and also reducing the jet lag. If you fly for several hours, the time zone changes can be quite dramatic. A sleeping mask will do the trick! There’s a wide range available on the market and the prices are more than affordable. Also, they’re quite innovative, made from different fabric, with different features, from cooling to anti-aging effects.


  • Travel pillows. It’s not a must, but I love them! I don’t sleep much, even when I fly for more than 10 hours. But having one really improves the chances to get some good sleep. Most of the airlines provide some small size pillows for international flights, but they are not very comfortable.. The travel pillows come in several shapes and sizes, the most common being the U-shape ones. They are made to support your lower back and stabilize your neck position.

I hope some of my tips are being useful! Have a safe trip and enjoy! ^^



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