Krioff is the god of Aries. Initially seen as cold and rude, the quiet god hides a tragic past. He needs the MC to have his wish granted.

(Just finished Krioff’s main story and I need to write this! The feeeeeeeels…damn! I think I have a new favorite character!)

The main character works at a planetarium and she’s really into stars. She soon meets the strange gods of the zodiac and finds out she is actually a fallen goddess, the Goddess of Fate. Since her powers are wanted by the King of the Under Realm, she makes a deal with the gods: the will protect her, but she needs to help them erase their sins.

Krioff is the God of Aries, a cold and rude entity, feared by the other gods in Heavens, and also by the MC. The MC misjudges and fears him. He is short on words and doesn’t talk much to her. Also, Krioff doesn’t know how to act gentle with women. His tragic background is shown from the way he talks and acts.

Detached, not open or friendly, he holds the MC at a distance. This cold-hearted attitude makes her dislike Krioff.

In this route, Krioff’s best friend is Dui, who is always there for him, supporting and protecting him. I played Dui’s route before, but I don’t remember mentioning him… or it did? Oh well, I’ll replay it.

Dui defends Krioff a lot, in front of everyone, calling him the kindest god among all of them.

Both end up sharing the MC’s apartment on Earth, where he shows a great interest in all the mundane things and technologies. He likes ice cream and would prefer dressing like a farmer, rather than a model. The MC starts to see a different side of him, a hidden one, which she finds adorable.

She finds him intimidating, but as they spend more time together and learns about his background and family issues, the main character begins to open up to him and sees him for who he really is: a kind god, tormented by his past. Due to the her support, the god of Aries grows into understanding his own feelings and tries to deal with them. The MC tries her best to be there for him and help him. She does not realize that she’s falling for him.

The main character learns about why he acts so distant, about his tragic past and also about what is hidden behind his cold attitude.

Both of them are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other one, which really appeals to me. Get ready for an emotional and heart warming route! This route is a tear-jerker, that made me sniffle, so get your tissues ready!

Personal thoughts

The character development is amazing and the plot doesn’t feel like its lacking: the story feels genuine, their love grows naturally. Also, get ready for some really emotional moments, tears and questions like why isn’t this me? Why isn’t he real/? Why can’t I live in this 2D world?.

You know what I mean… The usual moments like: these could be us but you don’t exist…I totally adore Krioff’s route, his development, the friction and the cute moments between him and the MC, the way he protects her… priceless!  Both of them are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other, which really appeals to me.

At some point, I thought the story gets a bit melodramatic, but, judging by the legend of the Aries, Voltage really nailed it!  As an Aries, I am really proud that Voltage wrote such a good story for Krioff.

I swear I didn’t expect it to be this good! I played most of the Voltage games, but this just became one of my favorite routes ever! Whyn isn’t he real tho’! 🙂

I was so reluctant abut playing his route… But daaaaamn! The feels…

Thank you, Voltage!

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