Episode 1

B. About the river…Was that a joke?
B. Introduce yourself

Episode 2

A. It’s before 5 though
B. I am a pretty good cook

Episode 3

C. Thank you
B. Nope, healthy as can be

Episode 4

C. I’ll work hard
A. Will you ever get married?

Episode 5

B. I can see where you’re coming from
B. I am tough enough to handle him just fine

Episode 6

A. I am happy to hear that
B. I am sorry to put you out like that

Episode 7

C. I’d like to brew your tea from now on
A. You can count on me

Episode 8

A. Be honest: nod
C. Change the subject

Episode 9

B. I am helping you whether you like it or not
C. I’m just worried about you

Episode 10

A. You know, Mr. Hishikawa?
C. But you’ll be all alone here

Episode 11

B. I don’t want to
A. Captain Togo won’t come

Episode 12

A. It was the right choice, Capitain
A. No, please do. I don’t mind

Episode 13

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