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8 tips to get you through a long flight

Taking a long-haul flight for your next holiday? Here are some tips to prepare for it and to make it more bearable.

International Flight

  • Keep your body hydrated! Not only your skin suffers when you fly, but your body as well. The aircraft filtration system makes the air clean, but also drops the humidity with about 20%. You will not feel severely dehydrated, but your eyes, nose, throat and skin will not feel comfortable. Therefore, drink plenty of water! It would be ideal to hydrate yourself before, during and after the flight.


First time travelling to Tokyo, Japan and how we fell in love

I’ve always been in love with Japan. Since I could barely walk, their art spoke to me. The first time I got there (December 2015), I cried. I wept like a child who found his way back home, after being lost. Do you know how people talk about the first moment they met the love of their life? About how they know from the very first moment they’re going to spend their lifetime  loving that person? I felt the same way about Japan.


Travel to Japan. Airplane view

Narita Airport. Travel to Japan.